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31 Days Towards The Reconstruction of a Virtuous Woman
A Devotional Journal

Tristian Holley

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“Your inner life is your real life!”

Tristian Holley is the author of 31 Days Towards The Reconstruction of Virtuous Woman.

Tristian received Christ as her personal savior at the age of 10; She rededicated her life in February 2012. Through her intense studying of the Word of God, she admired the books of Esther and Ruth. It wasn't until she read Proverbs 31 that her life changed forever.

On Facebook every Tuesdays and Thursdays, Tristian prays for her followers. One of her followers reached out to her wanting to know what the process was like for living a true Christian life. After sharing her story, Tristian felt like that’s a question that most new believers or rededicated Christians ask themselves. When you see prominent Christian figures, you see the glitz and the glam, and the “I’m A Survivor” stories. But you don’t hear the moments where their faith has been tested, the constant praying and no response from God, or even the backsliding into whatever “cherish sin” that you just want God to accept that they can’t break.


Not to mention when you really start living for God, your friends disappear, the constant scrutiny of your past discretions, and of course the spiritual warfare that you face. After praying about it, she received her confirmation and The Reconstruction of A Virtuous Woman was born.

Unafraid to express her candid views, Tristian brings authenticity and compassion to her audience. She wants to inspire women who had been broken, depressed, angry, mistreated, misguided, abused, suicidal, and devastated with sickness and disease; be delivered, healed and victorious through Jesus Christ. If you want to hear a story of God’s Redemption, tune in to hear Tristian and other women’s testimonies.

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds (curing their pains and their sorrows).
Psalms 147:3

Book Reviews

What Readers are Saying About The Reconstruction of a Virtuous Woman

Women NEED this book! The honesty, transparency, and relatability in this book will set women free! This devotional will take women on a journey that leads to freedom, healing, and transformation. It is a blueprint to a breakthrough.

I loved the journal prompt and virtual prayer with each devotional! This helps the reader apply the lessons learned from the devotional in a tangible way. The prayers are beautiful and bound to lead women closer to God!

- Whitney J. Hogans,
Author, Singer, Songwriter, Speaker, & Educator

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